The Conference on Cryptography and Intelligence has been organized by the School of IT & Computing at Prague College and the Prague College Research Centre.

Teaching and integrated research activities at Prague College include areas of computer security, as well as the security and privacy demands of our increasingly complex technological systems. The School of IT & Computing has also developed a stream of inquiry into the history of programming languages and history of cryptography from its origins.

Parts of this CCI conference also promote inquiry into important areas of information management that are becoming a crucial part of the current strategic business and management environment. Recent problems faced by Sony, Google and Facebook are just the most public manifestations of issues generated by the rapidly changing ways in which the world manages, stores, uses and protects information.

The Prague College Research Centre promotes a platform for active participation in the multidisciplinary fields of business, computing, interactive media and design. The Centre also meets the common research and development needs of the college. The empirical material for the research projects comprises of on-going entrepreneur and enterprise projects involving different academic and business communities. This empirical base is of great value as the research is tied closely to the learning experiences of the students and aims at investigating and describing areas of knowledge that are important for academic development of the overall college community.

Special thanks to the Kurt Gödel Society in Vienna for its support.

Special thanks to Jana Adamcova for her support during the preparation of the conference.